Pediatric Dentistry in Andover, MN

Round Lake Dental recommends that your child have routine dental check ups to ensure that their teeth are healthy. With regular check ups, it'll allow us to monitor your child's smile and stay on top of any cavities or dental problems that may occur. From basic cleanings to more advanced procedures, trust your child with the dental team at Round Lake Dental. We take every measure to ensure that your child is comfortable and at ease.
Round Lake Dental suggest that you begin bringing your child to the dentist around age one so that we can begin building your child's optimal dental health. From your child's first dental appointment, we show parent's how to clean their child's teeth, brush properly and go over additional dental care measures to maintain until your child's next dental visit. If you have a question or dental concern, contact our dental staff. We are happy to answer any questions you have.
To set up an appointment for your child,
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